Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time

exerciseThese models in magazines are not toned, simply have more muscle and less fat than you. Can I get both things at once?

Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time seems physically impossible. To win a kilo of muscle needed extra 5,000 calories for your body to build new tissue. You have to eat more than you spend. But at the same time to burn a kilo of fat you have to burn 7,000 calories, or what is the matching, you have to spend more than you eat. Is that how you eat?

The traditional solution has been to gain muscle first for months and then burn fat, also ablaze muscle. But there are alternative.

Your body is not an oven. If calories were all that mattered, then you could eat a thousand calories a day pastries and might as well eat a thousand calories of chicken. Try it and you will see how it does not work well. What your body does with food depends on the type of nutrients you eat and the time that you eat.

If we eat fewer carbohydrates and do weights, will force our body to flame our fat deposits.  We have already seen that carbohydrates produce insulin secretion and insulin blocks the oxidation of fats. By observance carbohydrates and insulin in check, aid your body to burn fat.

Diets that reduce calories simply do lose weight, but unfortunately, this is in general. Fat is lost but also make you lose muscle, and end up still a slim-fat.  Several studies have shown that reducing only carbohydrates with high levels of protein and sensible fat, the body is forced to use body fat for energy. The study subjects lost weight but gained muscle.

The other key ingredient must lift weights. And they have to be much weight exercises. The short and intense efforts stimulate the production of growth hormone, which causes your body to build muscle tissue. If you do not give your body a reason to keep the muscle, not store it.

Restricting carbohydrates is very hard if you plan on doing all my life. A good solution is to alternate throughout the week. The days do not train, you eat less calories and low in carbohydrates. The gym days, right after training, eat more. For example, you can switch four days of eating under your BMR by restricting carbohydrates. In between, three days of eating more carbohydrates, which must match the gym days?

Monday – Fitness – low crabs before instruction, higher after

Tuesday – Rest aerobic Soft – Low Crab all day

Wednesday – gym  low crabs before training, higher after

Thursday – Rest aerobic Soft – Low Crab all day

Friday – Fitness  low crabs before training, higher after

Weekend – Sleep gentle aerobic – low crabs all day

How to restrict carbohydrates in the days off? Eating large amounts of vegetables, which have a glycolic index low. Because it contains a lot of water and fiber, they satisfied. Legumes in moderation are also a good idea. The rest of your diet has to be high in protein and moderate fat healthy as olive oil, fatty fish, nuts and avocados.

The results of this strategy are slower than the long cycles as Operation Transformer, which first gained muscle and lose fat after. But instead, it’s something you can do the rest of your life.

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