Fast diets

fatYou would like to follow a diet that makes you lose kilos fast? Search our proposals express diets! The fast diets always have to be monitored by a physician and must be combined with exercise. We started proportionate plan based on speed up metabolism to lose weight in just one month!

But it is true that sometimes for different reasons, as when we started a relationship, we eat more and take kilos quickly. Therefore, these diets can be a good selection for slimming soon as the lemon diet which eliminates toxins, eliminate unnecessary flab and increase brightness. And if you want to lose weight in less than a week and debug your body, then test Fasting Diet, one of the cleansing diets fashion.

We also find very restrictive diets like the diet in May, which was fashionable in the 80s and has an extensive list of forbidden foods. Only suitable for iron wills!

The express diet will allow you to lose weight quickly in three phases. But remember that diets shock a maximum of 3 or 4 weeks can not be followed for a long time, so that the body is not weakened nor have gaps.

Another diet to consider is the low fat diet points were developed by Professor Psychologist and nutritionist Dr. Volker Puddle. It is based on a low-fat, high carbohydrate; a balanced and varied diet in which all foods are allowed.

And one of the latest is the Holcomb diet based on the consumption of fresh foods unprocessed and avoids mixing fats and carbohydrates in one meal. In this line of healthy foods is also flexi Arian diet, a variant of vegetarianism but even healthier. Do you dare with any of them?

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