Diet and professional breakfast

fatIt is not easy to carry regime forehead and business lunches.However, with common sense and good will, we can pass the test business lunches without gaining weight. Are you fit?

 1. You have a set business lunch today.

How do you behave at the breakfast?

You are planning to take a hearty breakfast or a hearty breakfast than usual.Skip breakfast in preparation for a professional lunch in a restaurant is not a good solution. You will doubly hungry at noon and you’ll be tempted by calorie dishes. Or worse, you peregrinate in the morning.

2. It is you who book the restaurant.

What kind of restaurant do you choose?

You choose a Chinese or Japanese restaurant instead of u brewery known for its French cuisine.The Chinese restaurant offers arguably more choices of salads, vegetables and fruits. Perhaps the Japanese restaurant is the best solution for their choice of fish. However, in a brewery, the temptations are great to take a dish in sauce, or meat with chips.

3. To choose the main course, you treat yourself what kind of food?

For the simplest preparations, like grilled foods instead of original recipes.

The original recipes are often in sauce. It is better to identify with fish dishes, meat or grilled vegetables, poached, steamed, etc.

4. Always for the main course, usually you choose fish or meat?

Instead of the fish.

Fish is good for health. It is recommended to consume at least 2 times a week. So enjoy your professional lunches to eat more often. Meat, in turn, brings an assortment of fat. If you do not take fish, choose at least white meat.

5. Are you more like, p lat + dessert or entry + flat?

If you want to restrict calories, prefer the course + dessert version.

Provided, of itinerary not to opt for a dessert very sweet and fat, like pastries, cake … in its place, think about an ice cream or a fruit salad.

6. Regarding the accompaniment, you take rather steamed vegetables or fries?

Vapors vegetables are preferred course.

Low in calories, they are excellent for health. However, avoid fried, and in general, everything that happens to the fryer.

7. It offers wine: you get a drink or abstain?

Abstain; this small glass of wine will not bring you anything.

In addition, the possible impermanent euphoria or relaxation it would happen you may more easily fall for a calorie dessert.

8. Everyone takes a dessert, so why not you!

What kind of desserts do you go to Fast?

You choose the dessert that contains more fruit.Avoid chocolate dessert, which has the disadvantage of being calorie. Take the opportunity to choose the fruit dessert. You’ll be closer to your 5 fruits and vegetables a day. In addition, they are generally low in calories.

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