Dangerous Diets

fatIf you decide to lose weight, you have many options. There are a great deal different diets but you have to keep in mind that some can become very dangerous.

There are even extravagant and extreme fad diets that do not recommend! Get some diets to lose weight fast but remember that the goal is to lose weight healthily and healthy.

An example is the diet of cabbage soup, which is to eat lots of cabbage soup combined with a series of specific foods. In any case, this regime lasts seven days seven days of stabilization and you combine it immediately with a balanced diet.

To have cleared how it should be a diet and of course, take note of these tips to recognize a good diet:

A good diet is varied, filling and like.

A good diet does not have prohibitions or count calories and not force you to buy specific products.

A good diet takes into account our preferences and what we dislike.

A good diet reduces the weight slowly and step by step.

A good diet provides a new way of eating and living.

Here are four dangerous diets. They have become fashionable and everyone knows, but what real advantages?

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