Changing Habits Increasing Physical Activity

dietOne of the best ways to lose weight is to increase physical activity. Our energy we get from the feed and these are transformed into kcal, which is not being used is found to be harmful to the body. This is called energy balance, the relationship energy we consume with which we spend. The kcal unused generating accumulate fat, why spend this energy is ideal physical activity.

What does perform physical activities?

Is any movement by the body which causes a waste of energy? The greater the effort to do the movements, the higher the energy expenditure.

There are 3 types of physical activity:

Lightweight: This is a small effort, the heart beats slower, but a little more than usual. No fatigue.Moderate: Considerable effort it takes 4 or 5 times a week in sessions of 20-40 min. It feels a sense of fatigue, but not exhausted, increases respiration and heartbeat.

Intensive: Range of motion involving a high effort. Means a high fatigue during the subsequent realization and this. Heavy breathing, sweating.


It helps the body lose fat.Involved in heart health and cholesterol.


Improves lung function.Improved memory and self esteem.Decreases disquiet, stress and misery.Prevents osteoporosis and improves posture.Improves muscle tone, coordination and reflexes.


Now that you know the benefits the obvious recommendation is to begin growing your own, apply in any dose:

Lightweight: the easiest of all, walk more. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes per day.

Moderate: weightlifting, aerobics, dancing, etc.

Intensive: Practice sports. Athletics, cycling, games related balls, swimming, climbing, etc.

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