Changing Food Habits

fatMost people have one or more bad habits you want to change, and probably ever have unsuccessfully tried changing. Therefore very important to have real motivation, effort and focus into the habit you want to change. Usually we believe there are good and bad foods, when the truth is that we have well or bad eating habits.

It is said that man over time has lost its natural instinct to feed. Today we tend to feed, we are much easier access to an infinite variety of foods, not paying attention to the quality of these. In other words we are fed but not nourished.

Some bad eating habits:

Meals: No meals vary, low intake of vegetables and fruits. Abusing pre-cooked chips, or speedy food. Abusing foods like beef salty foods, foods with high amounts of sugar, beverages like soda, alcohol, etc.

The way we eat: eat quickly chewing little food to eat without being hungry or let go long without doing so. Eat at different times without a fixed schedule. When dinner lies down immediately after eating.

As we treat food: not to underestimate food when choosing them, such as when we usually go to the supermarket often threw the food truck seem to be good looking and rich uninterested in their origin or freshness. Also when conserve, bad packaging and some cool places. When cooking, more or less, without encaenia temperatures.The first is to have a clear goal: changing the diet. Great knowledge in nutrition but a strong will is not needed.

Difficulties have clear: You may have to invest some money in new cookware, you can also make your inner circle not understand why seek to change your habits, you invest time as must inform you of new recipes and possibly the beginning is very difficult changes begin.We do not recommend rapid and radical change in your diet and then possibly you leave quickly without any results.

Start changing little things, for example if you want to reduce the sugar, a tablespoon slightest checks your drinks. If you want to eat more fruits, add a behind nibble, or if you want to eat more vegetables, plan some during your meals for the week.

The ways to start are endless, which you really will be best for you. The goal is with the aim of after changing one of them, starting with one that you impose on you.

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