Cabbage soup diet to lose weight

fatThe cabbage soup diet is very famous; this soup miraculous has often been plagiarized. Much false revenue it circulates on the net omitting, of course, you tell the program. This regime is real because it’s addressed to the base of a large weight overload patients who were to undergo major surgical procedure. So it’s a certainly effective diet but do not ever apply to defects end up with various nutritional deficiencies.

This method is above all made for you to lose your unwanted pounds in a short time. One of the major ingredients of this soup is cabbage, some also commonly called the cabbage soup diet. You should know that cabbage is a food that forces your body to burn more calories, more energy than cabbage does contain himself. C is a food thought to negative calorie. This is one motive for the quick weight loss.

Recipe from the Sacred Heart Hospital, used for patients with excess weight that usually must quickly lose weight before surgery.

4 garlic flakes

6 large onions

1 or 2 cans of peeled tomatoes

1 large head Chinese cabbage

3 liters of water

6 carrots

2 green peppers

1 celery

3 cubes of grumble broth defatted

Cut the vegetables keen on minuscule to medium pieces and cover with water.Season with brackish, pepper, curry and parsley.

Boil for 10 minutes.Reduce heat and continue until the vegetables are tender.This soup can be eaten whenever you are hungry.

Eat as many as you want, whenever you want this soup n ‘not add calories.

At the more you eat the more you lose. Because as I said it contains foods like cabbage forcing your body to burn more calories than what is in the food itself.

Be careful when using it as a single food intake you may develop malnutrition. A so read the full program on 7 days.Here are our tips and recommendations.

Avoid imperative

1. No alcohol which can directly interfere with the removal of fat.

Wait 24 hours after taking alcohol to the regime

2. No carbonated water, taking only water, tea, coffee or skim milk.

3. No frying; No bread, anything containing flour and sugar.

Meat can be substituted by the fish.

According to the results of the hospital, you can lose up to 7 pounds a week,

If we respect the plan without deviation from the 3 rd day, we feel an incredible energy,

With this diet you will feel better and lighter.

At the end of 7 days, if you have lost more than 7 kg does not start immediately, wait two days being careful.

Plan rapid weight loss = 7 day diet fat burning

Day 1:

Eat only soup and bright fruit except bananas

It is recommended to eat melon and watermelon low calorie, we can take 100% fruit juice, tea, coffee devoid of sugar and water

Day 2:

Eat fresh or canned vegetables, steamed or raw. We can cook in the broth soup.

No oil or butter. Favor greens.

All day: Vegetables and Soup

Dinner: 1 large room p. earth baked 1 little butter or oil if you want.

No fruit that day.

Day 3:

It is a combination of the previous two days, that is, that one can eat vegetables and fruit except bananas

Eat mostly soup.

If you have followed this diet without making any disparity, you’ve already lost amid 2.5 and 3.5 kg

Day 4:

Eat only soup, bananas decrease the craving for sugar and skim milk.

Day 5:

Meat Day: We just eat up to 500g of lean meat and 5 fresh tomatoes

Drink imperatively 5-8 glasses of water to eliminate uric acid produced by the meat.

Take the soup at least once.

Day 6:

Today eat until hungry vegetables and meat.

Morning: steak

Noon and night: 1 steak + salad with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Soup at least once.

Day 7:

Finally: Eat brown rice fruit or 100% fruit juice, and vegetables. Soup at least once.

Do not buy ready-made soups cabbage are less natural and nothing beats the natural, fresh food is healthier for your well being. So your furnace in particular as the revenue is easy to perform but most follow to the letter.

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