A flatter stomach

fatIf you want to get a flat stomach and a slimmer waist, the Vanquish technology that is now available at the clinic of Dr. Manish Khanna SKIN, a dermatologist in Montreal, you would enjoy.

This new approach that uses heat to destroy the radio frequency fat could reduce size of around 2 to 4 inches on average, according to its manufacturers. Writing Best Health has tested new this new technology to share with you his experience. But first, some explanation about how the Vanquish.

A flatter stomach and defined through radio frequency

Vanquish the technology that is now available for Clique SKIN Montreal limits radio frequency targeting fat cells that are found especially in the abdomen and flanks. Heat radio frequency heating and then destroys fat cells without damaging the skin, the muscles, or the neighboring cells.

How is this treatment? An applicator which emits these first radio frequency is placed a few centimeters from the treatment area, for example the abdomen or the sidewalls. For 30 to 45 minutes, the applicator transmits RF energy in the target area, creating a feeling of warmness on the skin of the treatment area. Under the effect of radio frequencies, some fat cells die on the spot, while others are destroyed in the weeks following treatment.

The destroyed fat cells are filtered through the lymphatic system, and then metabolized by the liver earlier than being discharged in the urine.If the Vanquish is a less aggressive and drastic approach that liposuction, it does not necessitate anesthesia, or surgery. That said, it is very important that the use of Vanquish is conducted under the supervision of a medical team. Finally, it should be stressed that Vanquish is designed to get rid of stubborn fat and slim targeted areas of the body, not to get an overall weight loss, or accomplish a healthy weight.

Thus, men who want to lose that tummy that they can not get rid despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle might be interested in this technology. It is the same for women who wish to refine and define their size. For best fallout, it is also highly recommended to stay hydrated for 2 to 3 days prior to each treatment. And the needs of each patient, three to six sessions may be necessary to obtain optimal results.

Note that the Vanquish can cause some side effects, such as redness on the skin where the area has been treated, or a feeling of tenderness after treatment. Swelling may also occur in the targeted areas. Other rare side effects include the appearance of cysts. That said, the vast majority of patients are only felt a few small nips during processing and can return to their daily activities after each session.

Day 1 at the Clinique SKIN: Dating, questions and assessment of the patient’s needs

To put the Vanquish to the test, I first met the dermatologist Dr. Manish Khanna at his clinic with his team. We discussed my needs and the most effective alternatives so that I can get rid of stubborn fat in my abdomen. As the fat is at my abdomen more firm to the touch and is not found on the surface under the skin, the Vanquish was the preferred option. Indeed, this technology can reach deeper fat and thus be more effective than other technologies that work better surface.

Then explained the process and the various stages of processing that would take place in six sessions. After I explained the operation of the treatment and its possible side effects, I was ready to receive the treatment a few days after the meeting.

Day 2: The treatment of Vanquish

Back at the clinic, I met again with the medical team made sure to review with me the procedure in detail and answer all my questions. The treatment could finally begin! I first lie on his back so that the medical team positions the Vanquish the plate about an inch of my abdomen. Fans were also switched to franchise’s the targeted area. Once these devices positioned, treatment could begin.

When Vanquish was turned on, I could feel a warm sensation on my abdomen. The impression was like that of sun on my skin. I also feel a few minute nips at times and in various places on the abdomen, but no more.

In 45 minutes, this treatment was carried out under medical supervision which ensures that the patient does not feel a strong double tree in a localized region. It is also important not to move during treatment to ensure maximum effect of radio frequencies on fat cells. As soon as the treatment is over, I was ready to return to the office. The only side effect I felt was a warm feeling in the abdomen that has faded a few hours after treatment.

At the time of writing, there were still three treatments receivable in the abdomen. Vanquish results are usually visible after two to three months. Stay tuned because we will share the results soon.

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