What should a healthy diet

fatFor our diet is balanced must contain at least two servings of vegetables daily, one at lunch and one at dinner; of 2-3 parts or portions of fruit a day; of 2-3 servings of protein foods per day meat, fish and eggs, low fat preference, grains or starches rich in fiber, such as pasta, rice or bread or vegetables; and avoiding foods like sugar, sweets and jams rich in sugar, sugary drinks, pastries and cakes industrial and precooked foods.

Another aspect that experts recommend is to distribute food intake throughout the day, and do so for 5-6 meals: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack, dinner and snack after dinner. This favors self intake and anxiety and also distributes calorie consumption throughout the day.

Skipping meals or dinner can help you lose weight?

There is no study that shows that skipping meals can help you lose weight. Although the basis for any low calorie diet for weight control is to reduce caloric intake, it is not recommended to skip meals to get it. Experts recommend not skipping meals and deliver good intake throughout the day, since this may help control hunger and anxiety.

Skipping meals may favor we are hungry before the next and therefore we finish snacking and eating some food not recommended. For example, no dinner can make the next morning have much appetite, or have a snack can make very hungry before dinner; and therefore end up biting something before dinner, or breakfast more than usual the next morning.

To have dinner single fruit or cereal with milk help you lose weight?

Dinner is the last meal of the day, and certainly should not be a hearty and filling meal, especially if going to bed immediately after it. The calorie-controlled meal is important if we lose weight. However, replace dinner for some particular food like fruit or milk cereals, may contribute to unbalanced diet, and even to excessive intake of calories in it.

To get an idea: a fruit bowl with a banana, grape 200g and 2 pears may contain a 400Kcal, they could have a green salad with a boiled egg. The same can happen if we substitute dinner for a bowl of cereal with milk. If we control the quantities or, a cup of skimmed milk with cereal 30g provides a 200Kcal, but if we substitute the cup for a large bowl, caloric intake can be about 400-500Kcal; so that we will be eating the same, or even more, than if we made a balanced meal.

Also, replace the balanced dinner for these foods can decrease the intake of vegetables and fruit in the case of cereals and therefore, the intake of dietary fiber, which could increase the risk of constipation. It can also cause decreased protein intake, a highly important fact in patients at risk of malnutrition or those with decreased muscle mass. So, skipping meals or unbalanced diet does not help you lose weight and lead a healthier diet.

Breakfast and dinner: healthy tips

Between breakfast and morning we mean consuming a dairy milk, yogurt or cheese some starchy food bread, toast or cereal or not accompanied by some protein food, and fruit. For example:

Breakfast: coffee with skimmed milk and mini Media bocadillito morning. Fruit salad. In detail: bocadillito mini cooked ham accompanied by coffee with milk for breakfast, and pear and grape salad mid morning.

Breakfast: tea with milk with 2 kiwis Media morning. I bocadillito liquid skimmed yogurt. In detail: milk tea accompanied by 2 kiwis at breakfast and bocadillito of ham with liquid skimmed yogurt mid morning.

Breakfast: coffee with milk sandwich with tomato and cheese Mid morning: Skimmed yogurt sweetened with walnuts. In detail: coffee with milk bread sandwich integral oven without added fat, with tomato, oregano, olive oil and cheese. By mid morning, plain yogurt with walnuts.

Breakfast: Breakfast cereal with milk Mid-morning: Apple sweetened yogurt. Try to choose grain breakfast cereal without honey, sugar or added fat.

A balanced and light dinner should contain raw or cooked vegetables, lean protein foods meat, fish or eggs and a moderate amount of starchy foods bread, pasta, cereals and pulses. Ask your dietitian about the quantitative composition if you are on a calorie controlled diet.

Dinner: mashed zucchini with grilled hake Dessert: Tangerines. In detail: cream of zucchini, onions and a little potato, seasoned with salt and black pepper, whole and crushed. Hake. 2 tangerines for dessert.

Dinner: Complete Salad Dessert: Handle. In detail: lettuce salad with sprouts and lettuce, cherry tomatoes, beets and carrots with a boiled egg and 25g hazelnuts. 2 whole-grain toast. Middle mango for dessert.

Dinner: verdure steamed or like with chicken Dessert: Melon. In detail: eggplant, onion, carrot and tomato strips, cooked by steaming or like with chicken breast cubes. Two slices of bread. Melon dessert.

Dinner: Tomato salad and tuna belly dessert. Banana. In detail: tomato salad accompanied thickly sliced tuna belly. Two slices of bread. Banana dessert.

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