Golden Rules for Leg Exercises

dietLike anything in life, if we want a nice lower body, we have to do leg exercises that are really useful and taxing. It is true that there are extra less direct ways we can choose, but why settle for suboptimal results that require further time to get?

Of course, you get to reach our goals is not easy however no one said it was.

We can follow exercise programs that promise to his excellent results with little work, but the reality is that if we do not exercise under certain guidelines we will achieve rapid and noticeable results.

What are the tips, keys and technique and crutch exercises to do that we must follow? Below is a small sample of golden rules we leave to work the leg and get incredible results.

Exercises for leg

I am a firm believer that squats are, ultimately, the best exercise for leg, because they are a compound movement that uses virtually all lower body muscles.

Many amateur lifters have weak legs as a result of they are afraid to work the hard leg. Anyway, besides doing squats, try to strengthen our weaknesses.

If our femoral is weak, the deadlight and its variations should not miss in our training routine. We do not agree to work out what we are good to feed our ego constantly, for when we go to exercise, we leave the ego from us.

Leg exercises to do

Based on the latest advice, squats are an original exercise. We can come to imagine that we can develop lower body performing simple leg exercises to do, but the truth is that this is not true.

As with any other muscle group, the choice of the most difficult movements should be studied. We must begin to work more complicated and difficult exercises, as it is when we found better to get them the most when lifting.

The variations of the squat as front squats in particular are good alternatives that can also be used as a first exercise, rather than the reverse squat bar. This is so because acquire different patterns of muscle recruitment and may be substituted at times to gain more strength in general and increase our muscle tone and size.

Exercises for leg – Work with depth

E range of motion also shortened our earnings disappoint, do not forget, it’s not simply a matter of functionality. Using a wide range of movements is better as it helps us to hit every muscle.

If we are doing the halfway of a movement, we are not working the muscle completely. That said, an effective way to completely exhaust the muscle is doing partial reps after completing all repetitions full range at the end of the series.

Lowering when doing squats, for example, involves the gluts and hamstrings to a greater degree, also encouraging better muscles that are worked in other sections of the movement.

Exercises for leg – Changing the position of the feet

We can use any number of foot positions for leg exercises like squats, the inclined press and hack squat, but in general, we choose a position where our feet are comfortable.

Change the position of the feet, serves among other things, to stimulate different parts of the muscle, because commencement is not always equal. This allows us different exercises work better and do not adapt.

Exercises for leg – Increase training intensity

The benefits of a good leg workout can be amplified when the increases were more intense, making it more challenging. The large muscles such as legs benefit from these techniques to recover more easily than other body parts are.

For example, downward or droplets series, which quickly reduce weight by 25 percent each time it reaches failure, is a good way to work every so often to add an extra work the muscle.

Leg exercises to do

Exercises for leg -Splitleg workout on different days

The lower body, as you know, is composed of different muscle groups which should occasionally work independently. As famous earlier, many leg exercises to do are very demanding, being good exercise them when we are totally fresh.

For example, if we work well hamstring after doing squats with a heavy weight, it will cost a lot. However, if we include exercises for that area on days work with a less demanding weight, we can get better performance.

Exercises for leg – Twins, important areas

The twins, as a general rule, work to end the day lower body workout because it is a muscle that is stimulated by many other leg exercises to do.

It would be a mistake to assume that all are equal calf exercises. While most of the twin movements are performed with straight legs, calf exercises with bent knees are different in one important respect: the soles take the brunt of the workload.

This is because the gastronomies are attached above the knee joint, so that it is unable to contract strongly when the knee is bent.

With straight legs movements, both muscles are brought into play. Therefore, an exercise twin with straight legs plus sitting work them is a good way to develop the legs.

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