Basic Light Vegetable Broth to Your Diet

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A broth is a key element in any kitchen. And if you’re dieting, much more. It can serve as a basis to flavor a dish and, of course, the starting point for a rich soup. Do you want to learn how to prepare a basic light broth to keep and bear? Follow this recipe.

Cabbage soup and vegetables

Without doubt, the stock can be a great ally in your weight loss diet. Let’s take a little good to get by and seal you a little when you’re hungry, adds savor with little calories some dishes and also serves you a basis for designing other being the soups most appropriate element. Does wearing full industrial broths sodium and fat?

It is best that you prepare your own broth and, by the by, emplaces elements that help out you lose weight in your diet, either because of its diuretic action, as the cleansing and filling. For this reason, here you will be able to enjoy a great recipe that will help you to have a great foundation stock and not jeopardize your dietary food.


A carrot Large

An onion

An onion or a leek

A pepper

Four or five stalks of celery

Fennel bulb means

A turnip

One cup of kale or collard greens

A bunch of parsley

Two liters of water

Salt and pepper


Chop the carrot, turnip, leek, celery sticks, timer pepper, onion and fennel. position all ingredients in a saucepan and add the water, plus the bunch of parsley, kale leaves and stalks of celery. Add a little salt and start cooking.Once the boil breaks preparedness, reduce heat. Let simmer for approximately 25-30 minutes.

Strain and reserve the preparation to use whenever you like. Time with pepper and a contact of test to see if something is missing. Now you are ready to be consumed.

Cabbage soup and vegetables

You can freezable. If you want, you can strain the broth and store in bags, glass or bottle. Freeze them in the freezer or freezer, it will last a long time and take away from trouble when you need it.

Do not throw the leftover vegetables. If you have strained the broth, take advantage of that entire base. Place in the bowl of the mixer with a little broth, crushed so you get a delicious creamy vegetable soup.

Some ideas for its use. The broth that you will come prepared wonders to cook some rice and spice. You tin can also add several sauces. And give yourself this soup: Put the broth to a boil and add chopped broccoli, diced tofu and some chopped ginger. A rich soup and light completely.

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