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fatLose weight; weight loss can be very healthy if the diet or diets that are still done properly. But a diet which aims to lower many kilos in a short time may be more dangerous than some overweight. We will give you some ideas for healthy weight loss and others that will serve to maintain their ideal weight. In the future everything will be easier and faster; MIT scientists have discovered the Sirt1 protein that allows lose weight without dieting!

Before you begin:

Among the many diets to choose the most suitable for you depending on your age, profile, Apple diet etc. If you follow a strict diet consult a nutritionist or your regular doctor about the suitability for you of the diet in question.

The most effective and fast weight loss diets are not always desirable or balanced for your body. The needs of calories or fat burning its business require to be considered, among other needs. It’s better to personalized diets.

Dude of the miracle diets and too fast: apple, quince, peach the sap syrup and lemon generally based on fruits or vegetables can be very beneficial and effective if the quantities are controlled or are fasting or semi -aunts very limited. Do not abuse.You’ve already chosen your diet.

Valid general advice for all diets:

1. Design with seriousness and realism Plan and try to fit as much as possible to the chosen diet. Take it seriously. There are things that help:

Keep a diary where you record any incidents, especially: Weight, points where you miss your diet, headaches and stomach aches or in general.

Make a public commitment to padre weight. Many people take it in secret and this increases the difficulty family meals, invitations to go out to restaurants. Talk about the challenge at least among family and friends that are related more will help a lot and find understanding and help if raised properly. Flee fat-burning of regimes effortlessly aware of itself will cost an effort.

Lemon citrus grapefruit diet Take the opportunity to make healthy and activities slimming: walking, emphasize very healthy foods, read about nutrition or tips on how to live, massage, water showers, bathrooms.

Be aware of the benefits of reducing weight, such as lowering cholesterol, heart problems and decreased risk of certain types of cancer associated with obesity, strengthen their will.

Imagine lighter light; try to visualize its advantages some minutes at night just before sleep: clothing which again may be, walk and move faster, wellness.

Drink plenty of water or fluids and infusions in general. The good diets never limit the liquid. Look at least one target of 3 liters.Try going to the bathroom every day regularly. Elimination is important and contributes to the success of your Plan.

Sleep eight hours. Sleeping little fat. Insufficient sleep causes the generation of the hormone that stimulates appetite and inhibits giving satiety signals to the brain, as pointed out by researchers from the University of Chicago recently.

2. Do not forget if slimming lot in a few days and leads a very rigid diet consult a specialist if you feel bad especially if the diet is prolonged over long periods.After the diet. Maintains weight, be healthy, good living.

Nutritional pyramid feed Forget rapid, drastic calorie, high protein based on preparations pharmacy Baumann diets, fat-burning soup the antidote etc. Try to live healthily, curb obesity every day, controlling calories, fat away making a daily task balanced as diets well to keep it, without starving, in full and without risk to health.

Mediterranean diet and nutritional pyramid practice it by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy salads, vegetables, olive oil, pasta and fish. Do not use frequently: red meat, butter and fatty dairy products, pastries, sweets, etc. To take meat, lean best for white meat poultry, chicken, turkey. You can see food recipes for weight loss.

Fresh seasonal produce each season. Buy them are tastier and health benefits aside from getting food with best quality and price.Herbs for Health. Make small details condiments, beverages, juices a strategy to defend the health of you and your family.

Body mass. Actively monitor your weight and body mass not only a question of beauty, butt and flat stomach or to boast of its thinness. Get cholesterol tests, uric acid, triglycerides, etc.

Read about power. Remember that you have to eat three times a day throughout his life. You better be well informed. Try to select healthy foods, eating healthily, not only low in calories. No need to follow strict diets or miracle to get results with enormous sacrifices in 3 to 5 days that vanish quickly. Stay fit life with good food! No need to have a calorie chart handy if you practice good nutrition. Learn about the properties of food.

And breathing exercises to burn 1,500 calories quickly. Make daily exercise appropriate to their age, move, walk, climb stairs, make a cellulite slogan; practice good breathing: it is essential to learn to breathe better and burn fat, strengthen your body apart.

Fasting. Apparently the practice of fasting from time to time is very beneficial to health, as they are showing some research that linked with longevity. Do it as part of a detoxification from time to time. Often take products detoxifying foods: garlic, artichokes, sap syrup, lemon some will help you tone your body.

Bloat. Flee from bad habits. Do not eat what you know fattening, chew slowly, drink water, do not abuse copious dinner, practice light dinners, change your breakfast habits: healthy, whole foods that do not fattening or lesser extent. Practice in their habits the deglaze verb. Watch your menus. That the exceptions are few days. Make your family an active Weight Watchers and good food.

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