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dietSmall changes with big results: Tool to calculate

Maybe underestimate these teaspoons of sugar, coffee after coffee, add to your calories you consume daily. However, you will be surprised how many kilos representing over a year. Do not believe me. Well then, I calculable with the tool you’ll find at the bottom of this article. It is much more than you imagine. I assure you


It all adds up when it comes to weight loss. If you do not believe it is likely that also stores deception, with the calories you consume daily. The result is immediate when you get on the scale and check that the needle where you expect, but several kilos above do not stop there.

However, there are many small things you can do to get closer to your goal without sacrifice. Replace sugar in your coffee stevia is one of them.

Who says coffee or tea says all that tea, juice, yogurt or fruit that usually you add these harmless teaspoons of sugar, which provide no more, no less than 400 calories per 100 grams!

You say, but if I add just a couple of teaspoons of brown. A link of teaspoons represent not as much of than 10 grams, which equals 40 calories. If you consume just 2 coffees a day, following a year represent more than 4 kilos of fat! That you’ve loaded unnecessarily.

Why not try stevia? Stevia not only has great power calorie free sweetener, but also lacks the harmful effects of sugar on the appetite center. It is known that sugar shatters your satiety. In fact, when you eat sugar, increases blood glucose. This alerts the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin lowers blood glucose and in minutes, to feel hungry again. Comes and eternally renews the cycle.

None of that happens with the consumption of stevia. So much so, that can sweeten with stevia freely both your coffee, like other teas and juices without your risks, uncontrolled blood sugar, which is usually produced by the excessive consumption of sugar. Also, you can replace sugar incorporate different recipes is achieved as much powder as liquid.But no demos round, surprised and promised that I’m anxious to see for yourself what mish.

Here you have this valuable tool to calculate how many binaries kilos in a year if you substitute sugar for stevia coffee. Simply follow these steps:

Complete the first box with the number of teaspoons of sugar you put the coffee.Complete the second box with the amount of coffee you drink a day.Click on the Calculate button and surprise yourself!How many kilos in a year binaries if you substitute sugar for stevia coffee?How many teaspoons of sugar you put coffee?How many shots per day cafes?

Hardly the result is less than 4 kilos and 4 kilos of fat least one year, no doubt, they are no small matter, for something so simple and you require so little effort. So, go ahead! Do not hesitate, starts to replace sugar with stevia now!

Henceforth, we will share tools like this, to lose weight is the great result of these small changes, you can do daily. Stay tuned to the next!

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