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dietTell others what they gave you such good results

Tell other people what you’ve done well with this or that method to lose weight or certain trick, is a stimulating way to give impetus to others to achieve the same thing you got. Sharing is magical and we invite you to do so. Go ahead and tell us your story!

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Have a diet that has given you great results? Did you get to ride an interesting plan to lose weight? Do you just want to tell others your experience to generate empathy with them? Always good to share what has worked has one. And the feeling of giving a message that will reach others and to know that can help them change their lives is priceless.

Here at A Losing Weight, there have been very interesting cases and motivators for others. Since Diana Pena told us video which gave the result to be fit and Andres Parana told how she lost 10 kilos with the raw vegan diet, only scoring two cases. You can be the next and you can count us as what he has given you good results and you will waking up among people the same feelings they achieved some time ago.

If you want to participate in this section, you just have to comment on the note in below. Leave a real email address. Rest assured / to only sees us. It is necessary so that we can get in touch with you and we can give your testimony. Then, once we’ve already told your case, we will publish and will spread in all of our networks, so that many people can fully identify with the story you’re telling.

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Dare to share your case! Many people are waiting to know your reality and also want you to tell them what has given you good results to shake off those extra kilos. What are you waiting for helping others?

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