Remove liquid and burn fat naturally

exerciseTo lose weight you need to make a comprehensive treatment to help you achieve it. Diet and exercise are key, but if you want a little extra help or special teas can consist of teas, such as horsetail tea and artichoke, which will be of great utility to remove fluid and fat.

Before give you the recipe for how to prepare tea and artichoke ponytail, it is interesting to know how they operate their organic compounds on body weight.

In the case of artichokes, this plant also is overprotective and antipollution. It can help you debug your system.

The artichoke acts as:


Liver Detox

Natural antioxidant that promotes the burning of fat for energy

Reducing blood fats

Quenching naturally due to the presence of fructose Saccharomyces

These properties benefit not only reducing weight but also other diseases associated with obesity, such as epidemically, fatty liver or intestinal problems.According to a suggested dosage dose would be up to 1.35 g of dried leaves spread over three doses.

As for the ponytail, is a plant with other slimming?

It is diuretic and rich in minerals such as potassium. Increase fluid removal from the body, helping to eliminate excess fluid retained in the body. Moreover, it may be useful to control blood pressure a risk factor associated with obesity too.It is an antioxidant. Helps increase fat burning and reduce the action of free radicals.According to the suggested dosage consume up to 2,300 gr. daily of dried plant ponytail.Now that you know how to operate these plants, on to the recipe is very easy.

Horsetail tea and artichoke

As you mix the recommended amounts previously. When you boil a pint of water, place the herb mixture and let stand for 15 minutes, after that you canister injure and drink.Remember not to drink more than three cups a day.

Keep in mind that herbal teas are an adjunct to dietary therapy, and in no way replaces. It is important to change habits and physical exercise that can supplement this natural remedy and home.

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