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dietWant to put your body in the form of the hand of a cardie workout? Then you go do not miss this new column Susana Dakidissa. The fitness instructor, within this territory, is in his element and no doubt that will give you the best tips to maximize your physical activity.


Susana Dakidissa is an expert when it comes to best advice to put to work your body. Furthermore, when we asked to talk a little about the cardio exercises, he especially motivated because it is one of their favorite spots. Are you going to lose your tips?

Tips for cardio exercises, hand Susana Dakidissa:

The best exercises to lose weight are aerobic; because they help you burn more calories and lose more fat. For good results, routines are recommended at least 30 minutes per session. Such exercises, or the cardio, are accelerating heartbeat. These contain: administration, swimming, cycling, dancing, skating, aerobics classes or jumping rope.

If you’re not used to these exercises, make them yet low impact, without jumps , cardio My videos are all similar in intensity, if you are a beginner, do what you can and do not follow my pace, keep yours. If it is slower because you do slow down, no problem: the important thing is to move and constancy. You can make a video for the morning and afternoon breaks I do mark them as if you were to make them and make them lower.

This is my cardio section:

Any routine is normal costing you at first as the body gaining strength and endurance over time and be less tired as you go doing routines. Moreover, nothing happens you rest. I mean you start a routine; if you get tired, you stop the time it takes to drink water or rest, and always start slowly. First beam week very little, the second goes a tad time and intensity with which you do the exercises and so gradually.

Walking is definitely another good exercise to lose weight, walking can be slimming, but you make more time for 45-60 minutes daily.

Want to know how long you have to perform cardio? It depends if you have left a lot of weight or not. You can do about 45 minutes a day, four days a week. Aside from cardio, it is always important to go by toning the muscles to lose weight no loose and flabby.


A toned body burns more calories, even at rest because to maintain that muscle tissue the body needs extra calories you burn many other weight during the session and after. E s this kind of exercise will accelerate the metabolism, so toning is also very necessary, do not let aside.

Turning to the cardio, you need not work all that time you go to do, do it in continued. You can divide time into cardio several times a day 2 or 3; thus the metabolism remains active all day and good results are achieved in fat loss.

Many people ask me when it is better to do cardio, at what time. I would say that the best times are in the morning and after toning. In the morning, the body has more options to lose fat, as it has been fasting all night. Glycogen stores are low, so you will use more fat for cardio. Another good time is after toning as glycogen stores are down by weights and consume more fat when doing cardio.

How to maximize fat loss doing cardio? Watch these tricks:

To burn fat fast is very effective interval training, this translation is known as HIIT. It is certainly a very good way to train, not only to burn fat and lose weight, but to improve your physical fitness in less time.

HIIT is exercising in the range of short duration and high intensity interspersed with moments of rest or low intensity. For example, you run as fast as you can for 30 seconds, walk 1 minute, and repeat the same thing for 20 minutes. You can do running, jumping rope, doing cycling, swimming, climbing hills and then lowering them slowly, etc.

The duration of the intervals of effort and the rest can do as you like, if you’re not used to this type of training, it is better to longer breaks and shorter efforts. Usually do and if you do exercise in reverse. This type of exercise burns calories and fat and increase your metabolism, so include it in your routine several times a week in addition to your usual work.

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