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weight loseThe heavy metals accumulate in the body for various reasons, ranging from what you eat, to environmental factors. Anyway, this ends up affecting the functioning of your thyroid and therefore your metabolism. A good way to improve this problem, making a cleaning. Learn how by reading this note!


The malfunctioning of the thyroid gland can be very damaging if you want to lose weight. Is that it has everything to do in the metabolic aspects. Therefore, if she works wrongly probably gain weight and reduce cost you much.

One reason that is often attributed to poorly functioning thyroid is the accumulation of heavy metals such as mercury in the body.

This occurs for years, ranging from consumption of some foods with pesticides, to environmental factors such as pollution. While it is not easy to combat this problem, consider some tips detox can be absolutely key. Dare you to try these tips to clean your body a bit?

Make a good detox diet natural. Doing a cleansing diet your body is not important, but essential. A detox diet plan, focused primarily on raw vegetables, but it does not extend for more than two weeks can be a great way to start. A good example is the crudi-detox diet that gave our partner Irene Andres Pastrana Well that allowed him to lose 10 kilos, cleanse your body and change your eating habits.

Drink plenty of water. Might seem obvious, but you always have to point it out. Two liters of water, as pure as possible, a day detofixicar are essential to the body and remove toxins and metals that can accumulate in it. Lack of water intake is crucial in many cases.

Do not forget the lemon. If there is a fruit which brings cleansing the body and gives many micronutrients is lemon. You can use it with a classic glass of warm water with lemon or fasting also try the classic prepared alkaline with sodium bicarbonate.

Consuming cilantro. If there is an item that everyone seems to agree in their detox properties, that is the cilantro. For this reason, no way you leave out of your diet. Consuelo fresh and if possible, organic, so that it is free of pesticides and other elements not so good for your detoxification.

Take lots of juices and smoothies. A good green smoothie every morning and drink fresh fruit juices and vegetables is a great way to be as clean as possible. Have so many combinations, it is not even worth that it simple at this point. Just select fresh vegetables and rich.

Avoid harmful elements. Environmental pollution, pesticides in food, packaged and canned fish and some cosmetic products are just some of the elements that can generate problems in your body.


Clearly these tricks is not necessarily going to leave your flawless body, but surely you are going to help in that way eliminate toxins, heavy metals and to restore the natural functioning of the thyroid gland , that is so important in the functions Metabolic.

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