How to prepare a flower tea slimmingJamaica

dietA great diuretic, antioxidant and good plant for metabolism

The Jamaica or Hibiscus flower is widely used in Central America to lose weight because it has a very important diuretic effect and also other qualities that work to get rid of those pesky extra kilos. It is true that increasingly is being used in the world whole, given its good results. For this reason, you have only to prove the recipe to start consuming it.


Are you for flower enthusiasts in Jamaica or Hibiscus? He is not a bad idea to consume tea regularly format. It is a drink that is highly valued in the diet to lose weight, as this flower has good properties to clean a bit your body, as well as giving metabolic benefits. Want to learn how to prepare a simple and effective area of Jamaica? Thou but follow the signs you will see below and immediately begin to enjoy this drink.


50 grams of Jamaica or hibiscus flower

A liter of boiling water

One liter of cold water

Allowed Sweetener to taste


To prepare the Jamaica flower tea or hibiscus, you just have to put the 50 grams of flower in a liter of boiling water.

Let stand a few minutes until the water begins to take room temperature and pour the resulting, after casting the preparation in a liter of cold water.

Now you will not have more than sweeten this interesting infusion of hibiscus and so be ready to be consumed throughout the day.

So you will enjoy its diuretic and antioxidant benefits. If you still have any doubts about how to prepare it, you just have to watch the video.

Hibiscus, great diuretic and antioxidant: The Flower of Jamaica is considered antioxidant, good for increasing cellular metabolism, ideal for combat bad cholesterol and also an interesting diuretic, which is great to remove that too nudes retained in the body. Ideal to cleanse the body and help your diet with something that also has good color and flavor.

No you’re going to lose these other tea recipes Jamaica: do not necessarily have to limit yourself to drinking tea Jamaica. You can also try other more complex and more flavorful recipes. An infusion of Jamaica and anise is wonderful, it is also digestive and enchantress. And the combination that makes the red fruit is delicious and antioxidant.

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