How many hours must train to lose a kilo of fat

dietA useful tool to plan your training tool and achieve your goals.

Weight loss is not only the result of eating fewer calories. If you burn enough to lose weight, the scale will compensate you. However, for that to happen you need to get moving. How long must move to achieve the expected results? It will depend on the type of activity that you make, and your body size. If you want to find out, this tool will tell you how many hours must train to lose a kilo of fat.


Perhaps you are of those who often look in the mirror and think, Monday beginning the diet. While it is an intelligent purpose when it comes to losing fat, you should know that diet is not everything.

Training is a good way to burn fat. Shall be sufficient proof that you have and do on a regular basis so that you’re fat, slowly are disappearing.

The good thing about all this is not necessarily, you must submit to a hard and tedious training. Able to choose between duns activities, of which enjoy while burning fat.

Whether you like sports like football or tennis, or prefer more relaxed activities like golf or walking, calorie demand any activity that results in fat burning.

Anyway, you can make your own plan to lose few kilos of fat you would like, making your favorite activity or sport, thanks to this useful and simple tool. Simply follow the steps below:

Select the unit of measurement of your preference: English or Metric.According to your choice, complete the box with your weight in pounds or kilograms respectively.Fill out the box below with the amount of fat you intend to lose.Click on the button Calculate hours.

It will tell you how many hours you need to train to burn that amount of fat in each of the next 10 years: football, running, walking, swimming, cycling, golf, aerobic, martial arts, skiing and tennis.

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