How does tea consumption on metabolism

fat3 Natural ingredients that burn fat

Tea is one of the most worldwide known ancient drinks. While this drink may help you lose weight is interesting that you know the three natural components that act on fat metabolism accelerating. If you want to know how, do not miss this article.


Due to the growth of obesity in the world scientists conduct studies on different natural products to see how can help you lose those extra kilos.One such product is tea; an ancient drink that contains 3 essential compounds that act on fat metabolism.

3 main components of the Camellia Saneness

Said amino acid acts stimulating metabolism. How? Well increases thermo genesis, that is, heat generation increases from fatty deposits accumulated. While this compound is present in a higher percentage in the variety of green tea, black tea also common it has between 1 to 2%. Moreover, this compound has the ability to reduce stress, because it can help reduce food cravings. While this benefit is not linked to its action on the metabolism, is an additional property.

Caffeine. Natural substance that also serves not only to stimulate the nervous system, but also the production of energy from the combustion of fats and sugars accumulated in the body as fat. According to some scientific studies caffeine in tea can negatively on the energy balance, burning more calories that enter through food.

These catechisms are present in the different variants of tea green tea, red tea or black tea. Black tea but are also present and their biological activity is related to the metabolism of sugars and fats. How? EGCG prevents fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol is deposited in adipose tissue and is intended for the production of energy. Furthermore, said compound regulates insulin secretion stimulating activity which enables the use of sugars for energy. Insulin is a pancreatic hormone that directly influences the increase or decrease in weight. If insulin levels are not normal in blood sugar can not enter the cell and can be converted into fat.


Conclusion: tea, beyond the range concerned, increases body metabolism stimulating, through different mechanisms, the burning of fat.

Do not forget that as long tea consumption must be accompanied with a low calorie meal plan that fits your needs.

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