Having little money does not help you lose weight

fatIf longer had almost no doubt that there are many more chances to be slim having a good economic move, this news continues to reaffirm. According to research conducted at Harvard, a healthy diet, at least in the United States, costs up to a dollar and a half per day.

 Not in all countries equals

In addition to what you put into relevance this study, do not stop to think that this happens in theUnited States. While there lots of junk food is consumed and there highly damaging health foods available to any, it must be said that market has a truly enviable healthy and organic products.

There, the prices of these products are usually not as high as in other parts of the world. Again, countries with more polarized society between rich-poor who end up paying the price for there organic products and healthy foods are, some more, some less, high-end goods.

Being poor: a sentence to be fat?

This is how poverty and low economic position end up being a kind of sentence to poor diet. How is this? Everything is usually solved by consuming excess carbohydrates, steaks low quality as well as fried foods. So, having no access-and knowledge-often not to healthier products, basically eat what you can. No wonder there are studies reaffirm that low economic status means more chances of obesity.

Fruits and vegetables

In markets is the key

So what is the best option to combat obesity with a healthy diet but cheaper? No doubt the market. Here are the freshest, seasonal vegetables, which are always more barites- and everything you need to live a good healthy diet. Eating locally produced products, especially vegetables, is an excellent way to get good quality stuff, in price and also to support workers in your area.

What is spent on diets will save on drugs?

Also an interesting issue that can be considered is whether the dichotomy of what is spent on healthy foods can end up saving then. Why? Because everyone knows that produces long-term obesity: hypertension, high cholesterol, heart, joint problems and many other things. And that translates to doctor visits, purchase of medicines and, above all, a poor quality of life. For this reason, if you have the ability to prevent through a healthy diet, do not think twice: rather than an outlay, but a venture.

The findings of the Harvard study spoke of this research is the best evidence today of the price differences between a healthy diet and one that is not. It also emphasizes the challenge that would narrow the gaps.

Surely large industrial corporations do not permit, but for tax preparers charge junk food and subsidize healthy products and organic food would be a good task for any government that wants a healthy population.

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