Good tips to shape your hips

fatWithout any doubt, the lower body is often one of the most complicated when toning and shaping. And the hips are a rebellious area promptly. For this reason, work it so localized with some exercises and lots of activity can be crucial to look like it should.

Women often complain of increased volume at the hips. This part of the female body is usually a natural deposit of fat. The hips are considered one of the most sensual parts of the female anatomy, but also often a place where fat easily accumulates when enough exercise is made, or when you eat a lot and bad.

Want to put your hips about? First, you must combine localized exercises with aerobic exercises. The latter are those that will help you lose fat and reduce the hip measurement; while the localized help you tighten and tone the area. So ideal routine is a combination of both, several times per week.

As always, diet is as important as physical exercise. You must combine a diet as healthy as possible, low in saturated fat and free fast food, with training sessions focused on burning calories and fat; in addition to toning exercises that facilitate this area, as I said before.

To help toning is necerasario your diet has enough protein to help the muscles are not sagging.

Energetic Cardio

The fastest way to burn calories and lose fat in the hip is through vigorous cardiovascular activity. For example, brisk walking or jogging.In-line skating is another option of high intensity, you burn a lot of calories.

Swimming is another exercise that helps you lose weight and tone your legs, but you can actually practice any cardie sports ; all will go well for you and help you lose fat that area is hard and toned.

An exercise that works that area is especially the dancing, especially the belly, as it is a dance in which you move with great insistence that area, resulting in harmonious and beautiful forms a toned and firm hips.

If you can not do high-energy cardio activities, you can make them softer, but longer followed, about 1h for example.

Interval training

If you are not ready for strenuous activity, another option is interval training that combines a moderate and vigorous activity to build strength, burn fat in addition to hip faster. It starts with a kind of moderate activity, like brisk walking. After a few minutes, pick a vigorous intensity exercise, such as jumping rope or jogging.Rotabetween types of moderate to vigorous activity at least 30 minutes.

Is this video I explain what this training:

It’s a question that makes me busy. This area consists mostly of bone not muscle, so obviously the bone can not be changed, so in principle the hip can not widen. Shaking either, unless you about what is fat, that, as I said before, can be eliminated with diet and exercise.


Many things depend on each person, you do routines, food, how to have the body at this time, etc. But, usually within 3-4 weeks, or sometimes before, they usually begin to notice the first results of the routines. And if you follow them, you will notice better results as time passes.What wonderful advice you’ve received from Susana to tone your hips! Now simply implement them.

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