Erythritol sweetener helps you replace sugar

fatAlternative that avoids the downside of adding sugar flavor

Obesity and diabetes are two complications that can go hand in hand, and where necessary replace sugar to avoid adding empty calories to the body. For this, the sweeteners are alternatives which can avoid the downside of adding sugar flavor, such as erythritol

Different alternative sweetener market. You can find artificial sweeteners such as saccharin or sodium cyclamate and natural sweeteners like stevia.In addition to these sweeteners are best known to exist that begin named, such as erythritol.

What is Erythritol?

It is polio that occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods. This substance was first identified in 1848 by a chemical known by the name of J. Stannous.

Although he was identified naturally, this is obtained industrially by fermentation of sugars by the yeast using Moniliella pollinis.

If you think sugar or sucrose as sweet 100 flavor index, erythritol has a sweetness index between 60-70%. Within the group of erythritol are also sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol, amongst others.

Like any sweetener, not only is studied to find out its medicinal and industrial applications, but also can have toxicity. According to some scientific studies, it was found that moderate consumption of erythritol has no severe toxic effects and does not undergo metabolic transformation.If your consumption is excessive it can cause nausea, flatulence, and mild laxative effect.

These features allow the use of erythritol as a replacement for sugar diet plans. Regarding the treatment of diabetes, we know that this sweetener has a glycolic index of 0, so it is feasible to use in people with diabetes.

According to other known research performed erythritol also has an antioxidant effect to neutralize the negative effects of free radicals.

This feature is very important because diabetes is a disease that can cause vascular damages resulting from the action of free radicals.

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