Do we really Engorda avocado

dietThose lovers avocado rejoicing may feel reading this note, for science is aimed at ruling that this fruit, always billed as fat and calories, it would not hurt in the diet to lose weight. How is this? Read the note and find out more about it.


The avocado, avocado or avocado is one of the tastiest fruits in the world. But there are always obstacles that prevent incorporation into the diet to lose weight. Why? Because it is very caloric and because it has a high percentage of fat. Indeed, lipids are the most important part of the composition. All these details would transform it into a highly prohibited item on a diet. But is it as well?

According to research conducted in the United States and led by Victor Fulton, avocado would not be at all a bad addition to your diet to lose weight. In this study a comprehensive monitoring of food types more than 17 thousand people, of who about 350 were current users of this fruit was performed. And the results were great.

Is found that those who regularly ate avocado not only took a lot from this plant. Were likely to consume lots of fruits and vegetables in general, they showed a higher level of HDL, less waist and less weight than those who do not consumed. Moreover, also reduced by up to 50 percent the chances of the dreaded metabolic syndrome.

So far, the avocado had been identified as a major element to incorporate fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. , but had not come to the conclusion that is favorable to the diet. For this reason, the participants in the study was strongly recommended. Another supporting avocado consumption in the diet, just based on this research, is Luis Jimenez, author of the book what knowledge says diet, who endorses the expenditure of this vegetable rich.

Avocado How to use avocado for weight loss?

Fortunately, there are many ways to do it. Always best taken cold, hot flavor that is often not as profitable as other forms. It is very general to eat in salads of all kinds, prepares a rich guacamole or just considers the recipe that takes your fancy, always trying to combine it with lots of vegetables and other elements that are likely for your diet. Of course, if you mix the wrong way with calorie items, you will not get good results. But if you dare, ice cream until you can get to prepare it.

The avocado does not stop being a particular case, as the fat and calories indicate that it is bad for the diet. But for now, the science seems to say otherwise. A consume some of this delicious and healthy fruit then!

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