Depend on your weight

fatIf you thought that eating well and losing weight would help improve the image of yourself, and continue to get it after unsatisfied with your body, you should begin to reflect that image and reality can be two different perceptions.

Body image plays a very important role in the society we live in, but this may be covering other major problems that only come to light once you get thin.

If you thought that eating well and losing weight could help to improve the image of yourself, and it was not, it is important to start thinking about why you feel unsatisfied with your body. This may be the tip of the iceberg for other problems related to the image that returns the mirror.

The dissatisfaction of body image is not exclusive to people who have an eating disorder, since many who admit not being happy with her figure still have lost weight.

To this point it is important that this disagreement has drawn the attention of researchers. According to some scientific studies, a large percentage of women who suffer from eating disorders but who are not happy with the picture that shows them the mirror.

First, it is interesting to know what body image. Well, the term body image to how your body is manifested in your mind.When you evaluate your body size and your opinion does not match reality you’re facing an altered body image.

This image is formed by:

Perceptual component. Perception of the body as a whole or any of its parts.

Cognitive component. Assessment of whole body or parts of it.

Affective component. Feelings about the body or one of its parts.

Behavioral component. Behaviors that occur from perception.

Body image is influenced by socio-cultural, biological and green aspects. For all this, it is appealing to know why reality and image are perceived as different.There are different factors to make it happen.

Social pressure to achieve physical beauty. This pressure is related to achieve perfection. Unfortunately, many times not only encourages society to achieve this goal but also the family.

Low self-esteem. Consider it’s never enough; never believe that you can achieve a very low self-esteem generated by distorting the image that the mirror reflects you.

Values and ideals with the image that broadcast media. This factor is related to the above, and sold as perfect actress or model who is behind the screen, regardless if this is healthy or not. Happiness is associated with certain standards of beauty that are not healthy at all. Thinness success, popularity and happiness go together.

The dissatisfaction of men is related to the show of force, which is represented by the increase muscular.All of these factors leads to a lot of people are unhappy with their image, when in fact their is another problem; that if left untreated can cause other health problems related to both physical and mental health.

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