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weight loseIf you’ve replaced sugar with stein or going way to accomplish this week suggest you go for more. Would you like to see similar results much faster? Well then, it’s time to say goodbye to bread. ‘m already hearing you say But just like a sandwich or a couple of slices. How can fatten some bread? If you surprised with sugar, ready to surprise you even more.


Bread is perhaps one of the foods with more good news there. However, is perhaps the biggest downfall of any diet? Who recorded those snacks with which he entertains while waiting for food? Much less, who used to clean every last drop of sauce from the bottom of the dish.

When you think of the bread, you’re only it happens to be more good bread of God, although the scale opine the opposite and buries such a statement.

It’s time to call things by their name. Bread is bread and wine, wine. And as the second fattening, the first is not far behind. See if the following data:

Calories per 100 grams of different types of bread

Crisp bread white = 298

Whole meal lacteal = 286

Bran bread light = 212

French bread= 269

Pan Arab = 293

Baguette bread = 262

One hundred grams of bread is no big deal. Indeed, 4 slices of sliced bread or just 2 -pan joss sticks on the other hand is full of calories-weigh that amount. However, the main problem of the consumption of bread in a diet is not your calories, but who do not register as food, but it tends to ignorance as such. Thus, the calories you consume are also ignored.

For this reason, calculate how much adelgazarias in 4 weeks if you just leave the bread, it can be a very good incentive for this small effort. To determine this you can use the tool you’ll find at the bottom of this article. Simply follow these steps:

Select the first box or breads usually consume.Complete the second box with the number of grams of bread you eat per day.Click on the button Calculate.

The result will tell you, how many kilos could lose weight at the end of four weeks, 28 days, if only you’d stop eating bread. Think the effort is minimal, since you do not need a special diet or exercise plan, just that you remove the bread. That so little food that you have in mind when counting calories.

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