Burning fat for energy faster

dietWhen you want to lose weight one of the goals is to increase metabolic tempo, if you make it start ablaze fat for energy more quickly. But to achieve this we need to know what foods you should avoid in your diet.

When you eat, some of the calories from different nutrients are used to maintain the basal metabolic rate, the rest and differentiate how nutrient in question can be converted into fat and deposited in the adipose tissue. This process can induce weight gain.

To put off this from happening it is key to increase the metabolic rate, and for that you know what foods you should avoid in your diet.

What foods you should avoid to increase your metabolic rate?

Sugars and derivatives. It is important that you eliminate table sugar, sweets, kneaded cakes, chocolate with great percentage of sugar; ice cream and food in their composition contain fructose syrup.

Sweet. Jellies and jams tend to reduce metabolism, since no mobilizes accumulated fat in adipose tissue.

Beverages. Both alcoholic beverages such as regular soda, juices industrialized help convert excess sugar as fat in adipose tissue fix.

Hard cheeses. These cheeses are very high in fat tend to look at the body.Whole milk. Both the case of butter, cream, whole milk or yogurt. As with cheeses increased calories fixing occurs in the body.

Meats and high-fat meats. The meats, sausages and meats are full of fat foods that slow metabolism.These are the foods that should be eliminated from a plan to lose weight and prevent you naturally increase your metabolic rate.

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