Better brain activity as a result of weight-loss surgery

fatCognitive function and obesity

Obesity can cause changes in brain activity and, apparently, some scientific studies claim that Weight loss surgery can improve the activity, as well as cognitive function.

According to a publication of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, weight loss surgery would improve cognitive function and brain activity. These results are very interesting, since obesity is a disease that increases the risk of other diseases such as Alzheimer.

Obesity alters a special part of the brain called the posterior cingulated gyros. Apparently, the bar iatric surgery Alter metabolism and reverses this activity and thus  reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s not only, but also some forms of dementia .

In this study before surgery and after brain activity thereof was evaluated. Apparently preoperatively certain brain areas faster metabolize sugars.

After bar iatric surgery, also better connects the brain related past and present experiences, which are used to plan and organize cognitive processes.

While for years now that morbid obesity is surgery, in recent times many of the positive results that such treatment causes begin to scientifically observed.

Many bodies that benefit from this treatment; such as the pancreas, heart, liver, lungs and is now known that the brain also shows its advantage of this situation.

Obesity can lead to many complications, such as forcing the brain to work harder to achieve the same level of cognition than those who are normal weight.

Therefore, for those who are morbidly obese, bar iatric surgery may be a not only aesthetic but also medical solution.

Remember that there are different types of surgeries for weight loss and your doctor will know what is best for you, according to your degree of obesity and the possible complications that can arise. If you have concerns do not hesitate to raise them with your doctor to answer each and every one of them.

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