A miraculous solution that does not seem to be much

dietWant to find out if the so famous green coffee extract form serves your diet? For there is a study that says yes. But is just one. Read the note and draw your own conclusions!

Green Coffee

You’ve probably been to an herbalist or health food store and you’ve seen that there is a kind of green beans, you do not know well what it is, but I always find it. That is precisely one of the elements that have become fashionable lately to lose weight. It is the green coffee, which is everywhere.

But it really serves the green coffee slimming? That’s what many are asking. The results, so far, appear to be encouraging. Although, however, there are some points that raise questions about the usefulness of this extract for weight loss.

In theory, the official version speaks of minted photogenic acid, which is found only in green coffee beans, as when roasted, this is lost. Therefore, in the black coffee, drink commonly, this substance is not.

And this acid would work by inhibiting the absorption of glucose in the intestine and also help burn fats also increase the feeling of satiety.

How has Luis Jimenez Centinel expert chemist topics slimming and author of the brilliant book what science says not to lose weight, there is a study that was published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy, which speaks clearly of potential weight loss which would have the green coffee extract.

In this investigation, led by the American Joe Vinson, we worked on a body of 16 people, some of which received a high dose of green coffee extract, while others simply took a placebo. The result was surprising, since after 22 weeks of experimentation, 6 out of the 16 participants had descended to 8 kilos following a normal diet, some even abandoning their obesity status.

What is the main problem of this? And, precisely, that there is only one study focusing on green coffee extract for weight loss. Yeah, okay, this gave excellent results. But, what is the guarantee that a natural element that has only an investigation on your behalf will be successful?

Moreover, and this is undeniable, the study sample was really small. Fewer than 20 people in research and then submitted to an extract of green coffee, are not universal parameter to say out loud that this element can reach be conclusive as to lose weight.

Green Coffee

Another issue to consider is that what most result would give is the extract of green coffee that can be consumed in capsule form. But what more is sold, it is the green coffee in traditional grain, which would not have the same effect. Or, at least, not as intense.

While hopes are encouraging, we must have reservations. For this reason, you comments below and a survey to tell us your views about the green coffee.

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