Tips to transform a high protein diet

lose weightIf you’re looking to lose weight faster, the protein diets are chosen. But to implement it is necessary to have at hand some tricks that allow you to increase your protein menus .

Within a balanced diet to lose weight, the protein content does not exceed 20% of total caloric value, but if you’re doing a high protein diet, this percentage is far outweighed at the expense of reducing carbohydrates.

If your protein intake increases, your body takes energy: blood glucose in the first instance, glycogen  in the second instance and thirdly takes fatty acids from adipose tissue are converted into glucose and hence energy .

What is sought with a high protein diet is that the body takes these lipids, increasing the fat metabolism and reducing fat.

To do this, you can implement some tricks that allow you to increase the protein content of the diet.

What to do to prepare hypercritic menu?

Add meat to your meals. Meats are protein foods naturally, just keep in mind to choose those that provide less fats such as fish, chicken or turkey and finally red meat without visible fat.

Add egg white. The egg is considered 100% food proteins. These can include them both smoothies, souffles, cooked in salads, soups, etc. The egg is one of the essential foods for a diet rich in protein. Even this food is used to make shakes to replace a meal.

Add cheese to your diet. You can add cheese to your meals, which will also add fullness. Consider choosing low-fat cheeses. You can even eat cheese between meals because their chemical composition is able to reduce hunger and appetite away.

Consume yogurt. The yogurt is rich in protein, not only you can eat as breakfast or snack, but you can eat between meals providing also low in calories. Even with yogurt sauces you can prepare light.

Add milk to your menu. Milk is a protein food, but also brings some crabs and fat, so choose light or skim milk. You can use milk as a base for smoothies or slimming shakes.

These tricks are essential for a high protein diet, but keep in mind that this diet may not be for long because it can cause adverse health effects, such as liver or kidney problems.

Always balanced diets tailored to your needs and are best for losing weight in a healthy way.

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