Tips to reduce 100 calories meals

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If you want to take care of yourself and eat fewer calories, do not miss this article which you will find different tips that will allow you receded 100 calories or more meals easily.

Sometimes implementing easy and practical tips you can reduce calories to foods you eat every day, whether you’re in the process of weight loss or want to keep your weight. Do not miss these tips!

How to easily lower your caloric intake?

Avoid consumption of sauces made as mayonnaise, ketchup or similar. If you want to flavor your meals you can use mustard adds 66 calories per 100 grams, while the mayonnaise adds 680 calories for the same amount. If you use a flush soup spoon, cut calories and 13 calories. You can even prepare vinaigrette using balsamic vinegar and two teaspoons of olive oil and herbs like oregano, pepper, red pepper, garlic, aromatic plant, etc.

Reduce consumption of butter, margarine and oils. On average 100 gr / cc provide 900 calories. If you only use two teaspoons of oil you will be providing 90 calories. Another way to reduce calories is to replace oil cooking spray or cooking spray, especially you can use it for cooking.

Remove sugar from your drinks and / or tea. 100 gr. Sugar contributes almost 400 calories, if you remove from your diet will be reducing about 120 calories equivalent to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Reduce the consumption of bread and / or crackers. Both products contain a high calorie and in many cases it gives only as flours used are white or refined. In these cases 100 gr. bread and / or crackers provide on average 350 calories, if you consume only 2 slices of bread you’ll be providing around 140 calories.

If only you consider these tricks will be reduced, in many cases more than 100 calories to your meals. These tips are easy to implement, and not only will help you hone your figure but will be of great utility to take care of your health.

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