Tips and exercises to reduce belly

fatDue to hormonal reasons, women tend to accumulate fat and liquids more easily in the belly region.It is noteworthy that the belly is made up of three muscles that overlap each other as the leaves of a lettuce or onion.

Like any muscle, needs exercise to stay fit and also to burn fat deposits that may exist in the area. Hence, sedentary women with physical radioactivity tend to have a more prominent belly.

Besides the lack of exercise, can gain more belly formed by an accumulation of gas, constipation, retention before menstruation liquids, etc.   Hence the need to combat these factors.

There are exercises and other tips to help reduce the volume of the stomach to strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent fluid retention or accumulation of fat in that area of the body.  Below are some of them:

Tips to reduce belly

Tips to reduce belly 1: Abdominal exercise to reduce belly Lie on the floor on your back with knees drawn up. Put your feet under the couch or other furniture to prevent them from moving and hands clasped behind his head.  Trying to lift the trunk to touch your knees with your elbows, hold a moment in this position and return down. Repeat the exercise calmly tenfold. If two series are practiced every day, the results were soon observed.

Tips to reduce belly 2: Using a homemade plastic bag reductive Place a plastic bag around the abdomen, attached to the skin to remove fat. While we are at home or when we practice a physical activity   this will get added warmth in that zone and burning greater amounts of subcutaneous fat.

Tips to reduce belly 3: Reduce gas formation.   To do this, you must eat comfortably chew food, not talking while chewing and reduce or avoid drinking fizzy drinks. Also, do not overindulge in the consumption of vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli and cabbage, legumes such as lentils and dry fruits like, because they can cause gas.

Tips to reduce belly 4: Cooking with healthier methods: grilled, steamed, baked, sauteed, among others.

Tips to reduce belly 5:  Consume fiber foods as they give a sense of satiety, which delays hunger, resulting pecking at odd times and unhealthy binges on the table.   Besides fiber foods increase the volume of the bolus thus combating constipation.

Tips to reduce belly 6: Eat foods from nature diuretic and cleanser, such as artichokes, celery and asparagus. In the field of fruit, the most desirable are grapes, apple, pear and melon.

Tips to reduce belly 7: Reduce salt intake favoring fluid retention which can increase the volume of the stomach. It is recommended to replace aromatic herbs also no calories.

Tips to reduce belly 8: Avoid excess alcohol and junk food or empty which have very low nutritional value but high caloric.

Tips to reduce belly: 9   Try to keep your back straight, not shrug 

Exercise to reduce belly

 Lie on the floor on a mat and bend both legs at a right angle to the body, a rubber band goes below the knees and hold the ends with your hands.

Begin by raising the upper body, squeezing the abdomen, while you breathe in and out in a rhythmic way. Count to 8 and lower, supporting all back on the floor.

Then slightly raised hips off the floor by contracting the gut, allowing you swing your legs to your chest. The elevation should be almost automatic to contract the abdomen. Inhale as you are relaxed, and exhale as you raise your hips.

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