The raw vegan diet

fatA prototype of raw vegan menu for detox

Want to know what the standard raw vegan diet with which our reader Andres Pastrana managed to lose 10 kilos in two weeks, from the hand of Irene Good? Do not stop reading this article, where you’ll know what it is.

Salad greens, cherries and figs

Recently could enjoy the contest raw vegan diet custom, which won Andres Pastrana and which lost 10 kilos. Many asked how the diet was to meet and perhaps implement it.

For we must be very careful in these cases, since it is a somewhat extreme diet that is made for a maximum of two weeks and you will not necessarily succeed with anyone. But still, Irene Good agreed to share the standard menu with all of you.

This is the standard menu that helped Irene Good Andres Pastrana lose 10 kilos:

This is a standard menu crudivegano to ask for NO MORE than 14 days as continued Andrew. Of course, it must be adapted to each person. Not everyone can do it and anyone who do not get results or have strange symptoms, will have to assume that this plan just was not for him.

Should also realize the hand of anyone who can interpret the symptoms, so that there is follow-up. And if necessary, as in the case of Andres you can follow the plan getting some cooked food any particular day.


Choose from:

Lemon water


Cucumber and Celery Smoothie


Raw vegan one

Choose from:

Two or three pieces of fruit ripe season.A green smoothie a piece of fruit, a handful of green leafy and a little cold water to taste.


A GREAT salad 50 percent varied greens and 50 percent of two or three mixed vegetables

It is flavored with two tablespoons of EVOO or seed oil cold-pressed sesame oil or nuts. You can also take juice of half a lemon and unrefined sea salt.

Kale and cabbage salad

By midafternoon:

Choose from:

A glass of vegetable milk.

Two bananas milkshake or two apples + a glass of milk 300ml vegetable almond or hazelnut milk birdseed.


300-400 ml of gazpacho with chopped vegetables.

A Great Salad 50 percent greens, carrot 40 percent and 1 percent to choose from: half an avocado or a handful of nuts presoaked for 4-6 hours or cheese nuts or a handful of flax seeds, sesame or hemp, previously ground.

You can dress the salad and gazpacho with EVOO, lemon juice and unrefined sea salt.

Salad greens, cherries and figs

We hope you’ve enjoyed this great raw vegan diet that Pastrana managed to lose 10 kilos! Must keep in mind that this is a cleansing diet, which is deeply detox and is customized to the needs that he had. For this reason, if you want a specific plan, you must have a specialist to help you achieve this.

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