Speed up your metabolism with mustard

fatA condiment that helps activate up to 25 percent metabolism

Did you know that the mustard seeds, besides being a great condiment, can help raise your metabolism? For thus seems. It’s a question that read this article and discovers these magnificent properties that have this food.

Black mustard seeds

Mustard is more than a condiment as a sauce sold in supermarkets. Actually, it is a plant of the crucify family, which has seeds with really great medicinal properties. It is often used in Asian cuisine and is one of the most important medicinal bases having Ayurveda medicine.

Besides having medicinal uses, the spicy mustard can be an interesting ally when it comes to help you lose weight. Why? Because helps activate metabolism, which is essential when the body process fats. No you stop reading the rest of the note to find out more about it!

What properties have the mustard to help activate the metabolism?

It is a pungent spice. Already this is good to activate metabolism, as with the families of the peppers. According to a study at Penn University in the United States, foods that have a tendency whatever toward the spicy, often good to burn fat and help the body do what best mantra’s mustard, is largely spicy.

For this reason, eating mustard would be a good agent thermo genesis. What’s this? A mechanism by which body metabolism increases, the job of burning fat. And according to research conducted by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute, one tablespoon per day of spicy mustard helps boost metabolism by up to 20 to 25 percent.In turn, mustard provides omega-3 fatty acids, various minerals and has a unique ability aromatic flavor when any dish.

Black mustard seeds

How to consume mustard to activate the metabolism?

Ideally, take a tablespoon of seeds per day, as suggested in the study, to have better metabolic outcomes. But not just any mustard will serve in these cases. Has to be the hottest, not yellow and smooth. And this is clear, as it is mainly spicy which does its work in these seeds.

You can take a tablespoon of seeds, grind them in a mortar and then sprinkle them over a meal. Or just mix it with a glass of milk or water plant. You can even add a teaspoon of turmeric, and so you will have an antioxidant with many additional properties and drink, besides the obvious Indian twist that will have.

Of course, mustard seeds can be taken in tablet form and also there is a mustard oil has many different uses and applications. If you like to use it as a topping, simply choose one that is strong, the Dijon-style or old-style. And if not well often is calorie, check nutritional information previously not taking surprises.

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