Purifying and natural diuretic

dietIf you’re dieting and you like them liquefied nothing better than to use it to get slimming foods that comprise them. So, this time I will provide you the recipe smoothie carambola, pineapple and ginger. These are three ingredients that are a must on a diet to lose weight, as they have antioxidants, cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Water and orange ginger

If you know the properties and benefits of certain foods you can combine them in ways that help you to treat different conditions, such as overweight. One way to combine these foods is liquefied through.Here is a good recipe smoothie carambola, pineapple and ginger.


2 carambola seeded and cut into chunks.2 slices of pineapple peeled and cut into chunks.½ cup fresh lemon juice.

Ginger root, peeled and chopped

Water if you think necessary


You just need to place the ingredients in a food processor and blend until ingredients are well blended.

If you feel like you can include a little more water and / or ice.This smoothie not only provides very few calories, but it gives you nutrients that can cause a slimming effect.

In this drink combine antioxidants, diuretic, cleansing and fat burning properties that can help you regain your figure. Moreover, this drink can give you satiety, as the star fruit and pineapple have fiber that gives the feeling of fullness.

Water and orange ginger

Despite all these benefits, you must remember that you must include in a diet to lose weight. It will not do you drink a smoothie with these features, if after that you eat junk food , foods with empty calories or unfit foods to lose weight.

Obesity is a disease and to be taken as such need a comprehensive treatment that includes diet, exercise and medication if the doctor deems it necessary.

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