Natural products that treat overweight and diabetes

fatBoth bitter melon and cinnamon are natural products that have properties to regulate two conditions that can be related as being overweight and diabetes. If you want to reap the benefits, you can combine developing a healthy and tasty smoothie to incorporate diet.

The bitter gourd is a plant-based food that provides active ingredients that favor reducing blood glucose. This action not only helps to treat diabetes, but also reduces the formation of fat from excess glucose.

Moreover, it has an antioxidant action and cell metabolism improving fat burning.

As regards cinnamon, provides organic compounds which help to burn fat fatty acids, as well as reducing blood sugar. According to some studies can reduce nearly 30% blood glucose. Moreover, regulates insulin secretion.

All these benefits can be combined in a smoothie, it also is ideal for a refreshing low calorie and low sugar diet.



100 gr. bitter melon.

100 gr. grapefruit.

5 strawberries.

1 teaspoon cinnamon.

Sweetener to taste.


Wash the fruit and cut into cubes. Place in a blender and process. Finally, add the cinnamon. Process again and add the sweetener and a sprig of mint.

This drink also provides the slimming properties of grapefruit. Moreover, this shake is also appropriate to treat other complications of obesity such as dyslipidemia or cardiovascular problems. Liquefied can drink this for breakfast / snack or as a snack.

Remember, if you know the slimming properties of food you can combine them in a way that brings benefits to your daily diet.

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