Low sodium diet and overweight

weight loseOften overweight and high blood pressure may be risk factors that go together, especially if your blood pressure rises above 150/180. Therefore, to control both diseases is important to know what diet can do.

While each person has their own blood pressure parameters in general terms s and considered a normal pressure between 80 and 130 mmHg. From these values we can start talking about high pressure in varying degrees.

If systolic blood pressure is between 150/180 mmHg is important to treat with medications that your doctor will indicate if necessary, and a low sodium diet.

It is considered low sodium diet to a diet that has little sodium. Sodium is a mineral which in excess can cause an increase in blood pressure. The main food that contains the mineral is table salt, so this is limited or prohibited in the diet.

What should the low sodium diet?

Controls on salt. It is only recommended to use once the food is cooked. It is advisable to include salt while cooking; you need to control the consumption of other foods.

Limit your consumption of canned foods. Contain preservatives that often contain sodium and you do not know why they say that canned foods are hidden sodium.

 Avoid the consumption of sodium cyclamate and drinks containing it. This sweetener contains sodium and can replace them as stevia or socialize.

Controls or eliminates the consumption of certain foods rich in salt. Certain foods contain high percentage sodium, for example mature cheeses, sausages, cold cuts and pickled foods.

 Increase intake of foods containing potassium. Potassium is very important to lower the pressure, as it competes with sodium. So if you increase your intake of sodium and low pressure as well. Foods rich in potassium are fruits and vegetables in general, such as citrus, kiwi and tomato, among others.

In this diet you should you add physical activity not only helps to reduce blood pressure but strengthens cardiovascular health and allows you to lose weight, as permitted and recommended foods are helpful for weight loss.

Remember that high blood pressure can be silent, so regular checks yourself, especially if you have a family history.

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