How to prepare a low calorie stuffed potato

dietA stuffed potato does not have to be an empty plate of nutrients

Everyone likes to eat potatoes. But a diet must be done with caution. Would you like stuffed potatoes? Then do not stop trying these suggestions, which will be fully compatible with your diet.

Potatoes with mushrooms

Without any doubt, the potatoes are one of the most frequently miss meals on a low calorie diet. But neither is that you can never eat. Take a potato occasionally, always appropriately cooked and accompanied with dignity, does not have to affect your everyday dietary.

A small / medium potato can be between 150 and 200 calories. If then you accompany, for example, a green salad and a light filling but satisfying, made from the ingredients listed, you will not get over 300 calories for the entire dish and have a good dinner, lunch and even if you dare, a great breakfast to brunch style for the weekend.

Do not miss these tips to eat stuffed potatoes!

Dare to try the tofu: Have you ever tried to prepare a delicious tofu cream cheese? It can get to be a treat, especially for a good potato topping or filling. Mix with plenty of chopped chives and then place it on the hot potato, preferably made whole, with skin and baked.

Mushrooms, a surefire combination: Portobello’s, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms. Any variety of mushrooms is low in calories, rich in nutrients and will give an incredible flavor to your potatoes. Bake a potato with skin, cut in half and placed over it a good serving of 100 grams of sliced mushrooms, sauteed in a little hot pan, ending with a few drops of soy sauce.

If you are having meat, chicken or turkey it: Without any doubt, the chicken or turkey without skin, fat, in moderation and with many vegetables can be an excellent choice to make potato filling.

The textured soy, another great light option: The textured soy is low in calories, can be used as a replacement for ground or chopped meat and goes perfect for a filling. Moisturize well with soy sauce, seasonings and a rich broth. You see how good it is and then prepare a delicious filling for your potatoes.

Potatoes with mushrooms

We hope you’ve enjoyed these options! Of course, you just have to put them into practice and see that, not necessarily, a potato has to be filled an empty plate of nutrients and calories too.

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