How to maximize exercise to lose weight

fatAvoid becoming a power compensator

If you suffer from obesity or overweight and want to maximize physical exercise to lose the expected weight, avoid becoming a power compensatory. This is an obstacle to what you can find and you must avoid.

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Obesity is an illness that affects millions of people and the lives of many takes, not only for the condition itself, but also by chronic complications it causes.

Both obese and who are overweight in the first instance, it is advisable to submit to a comprehensive treatment including calorie controlled diet and regular exercise more balanced.

While these are the more traditional medical advice, it has been observed that physical exercise does not always able to lose the expected weight. In fact, there are studies that attempt to explain why people who perform physical activity routines slim not expected.The answer is very interesting. It seems that, the reason why this happens is the compensation caloric intake.

Well, when you do exercise regularly your body starts sending signals to compensate for the caloric expenditure is occurring due to physical activity. This causes you to have more hungry and eat more or you leave the diet.

This means that there are more vulnerable to compensate the energy loss by exercise, eating more food and therefore increasing energy intake.

In my view, to desertion physical activity occurs precisely for this reason. Not seeing the expected results, the exercise is abandoned. Is abandonment is therefore expected not to lose weight.

While there is discussion of the recommendations for exercise, it is suggested to increase to 60 minutes of exercise to practice the metabolic rate is higher than the intake. This frequency of physical activity represents about 2200 calories / week.

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Another suggestion you should add that each person needs individual and specific routine and not everyone can perform the same exercise. Therefore, it is essential that a teacher or personal trainer fitness routine control, in order to make the most of it and avoid complications such as injuries.

Moreover, the professor may be changing that routine according to the evolution or not weight loss.

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