How can you choose the right bike for your purpose

exerciseAre you thinking about buying a bike for exercise at home? , did you want to tone your legs and buttocks or lose some more kilillos you won lately? In any case, you will come across different types and probably do not know which to choose. Static, elliptical or spinning? What is best to achieve your goal?


When buying a bike to train at your home, there are several alternatives that will be analyzed according to factors such as your physical condition, your goals and your budget.

In general, you will find 3 types of bikes to train at home:

Static or stationary bikes:

Are most similar to conventional bicycles ride.They have the advantage that they require a large NO previous physical state.They take up little space; there are even some folding stationary bikes

They are cheaper than the elliptical.You can increase the resistance to develop leg muscles.However, they can be a bad choice if you have back problems

In short are right for you if you need to lose weight, you do not have prior training and you have little money

Spinning bikes:

Are indicated for this type of aerobic exercise that is performed to the beat of the music.They have a single speed and are made for more intense pedaling.Require good physical condition prior.It adopts the same position in road bikes.Select them if you have a good physical condition and will make an offer intense aerobic training to lose weight faster.

Elliptical Trainers:

 They are low impact, if reduce the impact on lap, ankles and foot,It works the whole body, legs and arms. Are used up.Reproduce various movements like cycling, skiing, running, walking, climbing, etc.Take up more space than fixed.

Its price is higher.Are indicated if you have bad knees, ankles or feet, spines sufficient space and accounts with a little more money.

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