How Anne Hathaway lost many kilos in a few days

dietLes Mis Diet, more than a diet, a drastic way to lose weight

Sometimes celebrities Hollywood trendsetters with their appearance, but sometimes they are the result of filming a movie. This is the case of Anne Hathaway , who had to lose many kilos in a few days to star in Les Miserable, and it followed the diet later known how Les Mis Diet, a drastic way to lose weight .Actresses and models without notice or end without looking at reference of many girls and women who want to look thin, even at any price.

This can be dangerous, as they often made diets are unhealthy, as in the case of Anne Hathaway, actress, for his role in the film Les Miserable, must have lost a lot of weight in a short time.The diet is made known as Les Mis Diet.

What is this diet?

His diet was so exclusive that provided only 500 calories. To do this, just consumed a cereal bar with oats, she ate twice a day. To this, it added two blocks and a daily protein smoothie.

This diet allowed her to lose 5 kilos in 3 weeks before shooting the film Les Miserable and almost 7 kilos while the film rolled. According to his statements, was advised and controlled by a nutritionist.

It is important to communication that while this may be the target seeking many women, the reality is that this process is not healthy and can cause many adverse health effects.

Very restrictive diets that provide only 500 calories, only manage to cover the basal metabolic rate. This causes not only effects of tiredness and extreme fatigue, but it can cause confusion, depression or anxiety.Remember, the average daily calorie intake for a person under normal conditions should be close to 2000 calories.

If you want to lose weight, you can make a diet of 1200 calories or 1500, which along with physical activity and controlled by a nutritionist can be effective.Such strict diets or may not be such must take them into account to not be affected your health.

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