Green tea diet

fatMany people wonder if drinking hot or cold green tea creates a difference when it comes to losing weight. Want to know what’s the answer? You have but to read this note to find out more about this interesting subject.

Green tea

We are in the summer and that obviously makes one more decline when drinking a rich green tea. Is, of course, with high temperatures many people go to drink something hot. And many think that this amazing thermogenic infusion may lose their property if they drink it cold.

We split, since there are two versions. There are theories that suggest that drinking hot liquids helps burn fat. Others, meanwhile, speak cold drinks force the body to expend energy to match the temperature of the body.

True or not, the properties of green tea are the same, what you drink cold or hot drink.

Moreover, the cold green tea is a great drink to help you lose weight over the summer. You wake up in the morning; you prepare a jar with a half liter of green tea and leave to cool. Then what are you drinking throughout the day. Not only will you find him a good help for your diet, but also a great reliever for your summer thirst.

Not only can you consume this great alone or with ice cold green tea. Sweeten you with any product with no calories. ‘s not going to come also bad add some other questions for flavor and good properties to your tea. You can dare a green tea with cinnamon, one with lemongrass and even a green tea ice cream.

Green tea

What may be important to the preparation of cold green tea is that you do to take throughout the day. Once passed that time, the infusion is oxidized too much and replaces it with another better. But, anyway, do not miss this great drinking partner. And do not forget something very important: green tea will give good results only to supplement a diet with physical activity.

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