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fatA refined carbohydrate high hazard for those who want to lose weight

White rice is one of the most traditional in parts of the food world. InAsia, no way. But also in many parts of America. The question is: is it good or bad for dieters to drink white rice? Read this paper and find out more about it.

Rice beans

Usually white rice is eaten in many countries, especially inAsiaand in much ofAmerica. In fact, in some countries in the last continent, it is often used as usual accompaniment of a lot of meals.

Even people, who are dieting, lots of it, think that eating white rice is a good thing, as long as you do not add more. But is this really so? Or do not be covert white rice in the style of white flour or refined sugar danger?

Read the rest of the note and you’ll think twice before eating a bowl of white rice.

Is indicated eat white rice in the diet?

Luis Centinel Jimenez, author of what the science says weight loss, points out some interesting signs that clearly indicate that white rice is not good for slimming diet. And not just because it is a refined carbohydrate, but because even there are scientific studies therefore guarantee. Jimenez fails and, incidentally, demystifies an extended statement, which says that Asians eat a lot of white rice and are thin.

According to a study that was conducted in South Korea, where we have studied the eating habits of more than 10 thousand people, to hose who ate a diet where white rice was the predominant food, they tended to be more obese, even up fats and sweets . Meanwhile, another study also highlights that does not speak too highly of this food: it would be an element of risk when you open the door to the dreaded diabetes type 2.

Undoubtedly, every reason to believe that the white, conclusively, rice is a great addition to your diet, quite the opposite. Several signs that mark their status as the clear refined product, devoid of nutrients and not provides the body too.

Rice beans

And what about brown rice?

While no longer a carbohydrate, brown rice has a glycolic index much lower than that of white rice. There are even some varieties like red rice or wild rice, which is clearly positive for the diet, as they provide all kinds of nutrients, fiber and all those things that completely lack white rice. Not to mention that the latter is rapidly absorbed and this is something that is not good!

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