Eating disorders obscure

dietMuch more than anorexia and / or bulimia

Not only anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders that affect millions of people, especially women. There are many more that can threaten the health of those who suffer, so it is important to be aware and know at least five little-known eating disorders.


While it says a lot about anorexia and bulimia, eating disorders these are the most popular, but there are others that can be as dangerous as those that are not so well known and sometimes difficult to diagnose.

5 disorders that are more than anorexia and / or bulimia

Dining selective. Who suffers from this disorder only consumes a very small amount of food, especially selected.

Another feature is that other diet foods are removed, making this a very restrictive diet and generating an excessive weight loss and even malnutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiency; depending on the selected foods.

Melanesia. This disorder is far from anorexia, as those who suffer from this disease known as food overeat junk foods. His image is distorted because it truly believes that their eating habits are correct. This condition persisted over time but not only causes obesity metabolic and degenerative diseases that reduce the quality of life of the sufferer.

Diablerie. The Diablerie is an eating disorder that preferentially affects diabetics Type I or Insulin dependent. These people have the characteristic play with the application of insulin to lose weight. This habit is very dangerous not only for weight loss, but can cause complications to the underlying disease, in this case diabetes. Recall that diabetes is a silent disease that begins to show signs when there are already complications.

Food Craving. This disorder is strongly associated with the emotional state of those who suffer it. They are very anxious people who overeat and then feel guilt for what was done. Addiction feels certain food or foods that can not control.

Feeders. The feeders are a very special condition because two people are needed. One of them wants to be fed and the other wants to feed. This relationship has an erotic undercurrent, but can seriously affect the health of the fed. Immobilized Many of them end up in bed, suffering from severe and morbid obesity. The members of this disorder do not realize how dangerous this relationship.


The eating disorders can end the life of those who suffer, so it is important the role of the family so they are aware of certain behaviors that may be harmful.

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