Delightful water will help cleanse your body naturally

dietWant to prepare a rich detox water to enjoy this summer? Then do not miss this recipe for apple, orange and Boldo you can meet then.

Water and orange ginger

There is no doubt that the detox waters are perhaps one of the best drinks you can get to enjoy the summer! They are fresh, light, provide almost no calories, give you many benefits, thirst-quenching and, of course, detoxify. The choices ahead of you are really many, but one that surely can not be overlooked is that of orange and apple Boldo.


A liter of water

Two tablespoons of Boldo

The juice of three oranges

Two whole oranges

Two apples

A few fresh mint leaves

Lots of ice


Put to heat a liter of water to a boil. Infused with Boldo for five minutes, strain and let cool at room temperature for a while.Now add the orange juice and the remaining two oranges cut into wedges to the infusion of Boldo. Incorporates also just chopped mint, lots of ice and cut apples.

Let stand this detox water for at least two hours. When more let her rest, have more flavor. Enjoy a hot day or just when you feel like cleaning your body.

Water and orange ginger

What gives you this detox water?

Orangeand apple, two fruits that never fail: Depurative, fiber, lots of vitamins, add flavor. In final accounts, two fruits that you will never be left alone in this mission detox for weight loss.

Boldo, ideal for Liver is a perfect plant to purify the liver, help with your metabolism and also to stimulate billiard function. For this reason, do not hesitate to try this detox with water, which also has an herbal touch that will suit you very well.

Test these tricks: You do not necessarily have to follow this recipe to the letter. You can incorporate fresh Boldo if you do not want to prepare the infusion. Also add grated ginger and change the mandarin orange juice or grapefruit. Anyway, it will detox and delicious.

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