Curious and fun tricks to lose weight

exerciseSome tips that will help you be more active with fun

Want to lose weight the rally round of some effective and simple tricks? Then do not miss this note, for some trivia that will give you a hand and you do not become difficult to implement because they are fun and original.

Anyone with weight problems or want to improve your figure a little knows that is not Easy, l. Fighting the balance can be very complicated because it requires major changes in your eating habits and of course in physical activity . Besides the classic routines and diet tips are some you do not know for sure, you’ll notice something funny or are curious, but quite practical because it will help you lose weight and original extra incentive.

Here are some tricks that are funny, curious and easy to apply and will help you lose weight:

Regulatory Tape: A trick widely used inFranceand can venire more than okay to not spend with meals consisting only of a bow or ribbon. Tie a ribbon around your waist, not too tight, before eating. As your stomach fills up you will begin to feel the tape strip, which means it’s time to stop eating. While courts do not cheat and tie to keep eating this trick will work for luxury.

Shut the fridge: Set times for meals and once the dinner closes the refrigerator and not open again until breakfast time. It can be hard, but set this as a challenge, your reward will be a good breakfast in the morning. Eating late at night can cause you to gain more weight, as this food is not digested properly and gives you the energy that is not utilized properly. Neither should eat foods in cabinets or any other part of the kitchen!

Drink a glass of water: Every time you go to the kitchen to get something to eat drinks a glass of something. So, you’ll help trick your body and give him a feeling of satiety.

Think and trots: If you feel like eating, ask yourself if you really are hungry, you often end up eating out of boredom or for not knowing what to do and this is a cause of weight gain. Generally not knowing who ends up falling in eating anything nutritious food and junk food. The place to go out for something to eat an apple back jogging or if you have stairs, up and behind a bit to disrepair your mind from the idea of the food. This trick is forearmed, as they will not only be eating less but also doing some exercise.

Fun exercise: If it costs a little exercise, you can take into account some tricks to encourage him. You can also think of fun ways to exercise, for example, take a walk on parts you do not know your city, and if you have a little more time to go a little further and see new places on foot.

A question of color: According to studies conducted by specialists see the blue color makes the least attractive and appetizing food. It is not the idea that you paint your dining room blue, but if you can try to use plates, blue napkins and tablecloths to see how this trick works. Warm colors like yellow, red and combinations give a light that makes seeing the food tasty and a more striking color, so it’s best avoided when trying to lose weight.

Raise the lights, please: A stronger lighting will be able to see the food better and become aware of how much you eat. You may have noticed that most restaurants the lights are low, which encourages spending a longer time in the place and keep eating.

Dancing: It does not take a professional to dance, to put some music you like and space can have a good time dancing. It will be fun, liberating your mind and also help burn some calories. If you do a hula hoop part of your choreography, because it is a good exercise for the waist area.

Play with your dog: Bring your best friend walk, run and play with. He also needs it to be healthy, with two walks a day if possible for about 20 minutes or half an hour each walk and trot will have a good time in addition to burn some calories.

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