Cold red tea to lose weight

weight loseCold red tea diet

Have you ever wondered more than once if the cold red tea can likewise help you lose weight? For it is a good questioned that you are able to respond if you read this note. Do not miss it!


The pu-erh red tea is an infusion that has fabulous properties in every respect, being included that of being an accelerator of metabolism and help you lose weight. But keep in mind that it can not be stored for long time without losing its properties.

Anyway, if you were thinking of preparing cold to eat during the day, for example in hot days, there is not any kind of problems. In fact, there are many options with which you can enjoy red tea cold with very interesting additives to make it even tastier and even enjoy real fruit and other components.

How to prepare a cold red tea?

To prepare a liter of red tea, heats the water to about 85 degrees. Once ready, place two tablespoons good red pu-erh tea in a teapot, jug or pan. Add water, let stand 3 to 5 minutes, strain and cool with ice or in the refrigerator.

Are the properties of red tea are altered?

Some people think that drinking red tea slimming hot can bring other benefits, rigged with heat beverages. But the truth is that the properties of the tea will remain the same, they drink cold, warm or hot, and so it will depend solely your taste. Except with grapefruit, fruit which usually generates interactions not recommended, it can be mixed with juices even smoothly.

How long is prepared?

This issue, as already remarked, must be taken into account. The properties of red tea do not last forever and once prepared infusion should not let it be long. Prepares to take over the day, no more than that. Following day, make another pot. Copies But never for several days, as the benefits begins to languish after several hours and also the taste will not be the same.


Some options cold red tea can be prepared:

Red Iced Tea: Classic red iced tea you can put in your summer jar.Punch Red Tea: A fully summer drink that you are able to implement, where red tea combined with fruits.

Red strawberry smoothie and tea: Everything a regular in the shakes that combines the taste of pu-erh, with all the magic of red fruits, which generally are great for slimming diet.

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