Cleansing diet to detoxify the body

fatImproving the functioning of the liver and intestines diet

The cleansing diets can not only help you to detoxify the body, but also to   improve the functioning of various organs such as the liver and intestines. As a result, you can not only improve your health but also lose weight.

Beet water

Because the Western diet contains excess sugar, sodium, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. the body is full of toxins and waste that causes an organic malfunction. Therefore, a cleansing diet not only helps you lose weight but to different organs function properly.

When your body accumulates toxins, different symptoms and signs occur, such as:




Bad breath



Abdominal discomfort

Requested memory and concentration

Body Odor

Pain in the lower back

Menstrual Problems


If these symptoms relate to a poor diet, nothing better than to revert cleansing diet and improve health.

How cleansing diet?

This diet consists of a combination of fasting with juices.

Example cleansing diet

Breakfast: A glass of tangerine juice. A cup of fruit salad. A cup of horsetail tea and green tea.

Mid-morning: A glass of orange juice and lemon.

Lunch: A glass of lemon juice and tangerine. Vegetable salad with lemon dressing.

Snack: A glass of tangerine juice.

Dinner: A glass of lemon juice and orange. Steamed vegetables.

Snack before bedtime: A cup of chamomile tea and valerian.

Beet water

You must not do this diet for more than 7 days, it is very restrictive and it can cause tiredness and fatigue. Once completed diet, start adding foods to your menu. But keep in mind that you must eliminate snacks, goodies and products containing white flour.

This diet will allow you to improve cell and organ function, as well as help you to give a shock to your weight and lose it in a natural way.

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