Cinnamon for weight loss

dietDo not miss to use cinnamon in your diet in several ways

Cinnamon has recently become one of the spices of fashion for weight loss. Why? Fundamentally, for its fat burning properties, accessibility and also because to be used in any recipe. Find out in this note are several ways to use this magic seasoning!


If you are someone who feels that medicinal plants can give you a great help in losing weight, then you should not miss this note then. Is here finding no less than 6 recipes that include cinnamon, one of the hottest plants when losing weight. This species is reputed to help activate the metabolism, reactivate the dieresis and many others that help with weight loss issues. So do not miss this selection!

Here are several recipes with cinnamon to help you lose weight:

Cinnamon and Honey: The combination of cinnamon and honey is often one of the most widely used in diets, especially when knowing the diet you’ll find the link above. Ideal to supplement your diet with cinnamon and honey drink twice a day.

Cinnamon and bay: A mixture of the insults, as it contains both cinnamon laurels, another of the most sought after slimming tea plants, due to its cleansing properties. Together they form a spectacular time to help you in your diet union.

Cinnamon and Anise: An amalgam 100% digestible and perfect for those who suffer from bloating because it helps remove gases, gastric problems to solve and debug urine. Safety Pin!

Red tea, ginger and cinnamon: cinnamon although here is not the main ingredient, you’ll come in handy for losing weight in a mixture with red tea and ginger, two elements extremely apt to give you a hand in this regard.

Water detox apple and cinnamon: A mixture of cinnamon and apple can go great for preparing rich detox water any time of day. Follow this recipe and you will have your good dose of cinnamon in a fresh and original way.

Spiced Green Tea: Do you dare to prepare a delicious green tea but the style of theMiddle East? This recipe, ideal for removing retained fluids and gases, has anise, clove, cinnamon and more.

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