Beer fattening

weightA drink with a high glycolic index and high in calories

Are you one of those who like to drink a beer every now and then? As for your diet, then this is not good news. Beer not only for its fattening calories and alcohol content, but it does not add anything significant to the body and has a very high glycolic index. Footnote Read and learn why this drinks both fattening!


The beer is a favorite beverage of many people, but, no doubt, is not the most appropriate when you choose something a little joyful in the midst of your diet.

And not only for its high calories or its tendency to promote the usual beer belly. Even more are the reasons that put traditional beer on the black list of the foods that best aside when trying to lose weight. Read the rest of the note and learn more in depth this issue!

These are some of the reasons why beer fattening:

Contributes empty calories: Both alcohol like beer without alcohol, do nothing nutritionally significant. It is what is normally referred to as empty calories because the agency did not offer anything more than that, calories. Additionally, the beer is usually quite high in calories. And as they increase so does the alcohol content of the beverage in question.

Increases Glycolic Index : As pointing Luis Centinel Jimenez , author of What the science says to lose weight , the IG has the beer is very high, reaching quotas ranging from 80 to 120, considering 100 as a value already too high. It is worth remarking that the IG is one of the elements taken into account more today when determining the potential danger to the body, especially in relation to the metabolic syndrome. Values and beer are very high.

Generates abdominal fat: Beer consumption is directly associated with abdominal obesity. And it’s no myth that beer belly. Quite often associated with what is considered android obesity, the most detrimental when generating a cardiovascular problems.


No doubt, if you like drinking any alcoholic drink now and then, lean healthier alternatives and, above all, more complete. Red wine or dry white are great choices, as also have antioxidants and have a much more interesting than the beer nutritional profile. Otherwise, a good glass of fruit juice or water detox are always options you will not come to a bad diet and so, incidentally, avoid alcohol.

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